Violent crime and sexual offences up in Leeds

By Jonathan Ratcliffe

Most months during the start of 2020, the most common type of crime taking place in Leeds city centre are violent crimes and sexual offences; this includes everything from common assaults such as GBH to rape and sexual harassment.

While these crimes are probably some of the most unpleasant, they are unfortunately very common in big cities around the UK.

In January 2020, 303 violence and sexual offence crimes took place in the central area of Leeds, down from 341 such crimes in December of 2019. This is a definite improvement, though it’s worth bearing in mind that crime rates are usually a little higher than average in December, as the holidays and Christmas time presents more stress – and also more opportunities – to potential criminals. In January of 2019, 328 violent and sexual crimes took place in Leeds city, showing a year on year drop of 7.6%.

The majority of these crimes take place in the city centre, which includes areas around the train station and Leeds General Infirmary. Many crimes occurred around the areas of Boar Lane and Duncan Street. Violent crimes are often especially high in areas of city centres where bars, restaurants, and clubs are located because drunken nights out are by far the most common setting for such crimes to take place.

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BY Jonathan Ratcliffe

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