On the face of it there does not appear to be much difference between farms and stables when it comes to offering protection.

However, closer observation indicates one area where requirements do differ considerably, and that is with regard to animals.

When you think about it, on a farm a lot of animals are kept together in one place. Horses are an exception. They tend to be kept separately. For this reason, if you are thinking about installing a CCTV system in stables or in a stud, then you should look into the possibility of fitting individual cameras to each stable.


That suggestion no doubt raises your eyebrows and has you thinking glumly in terms of huge expense, but it need not be as costly as it sounds. An individual stable is comparatively small, so it should be possible to fit a cheaper fixed lens camera which, in this particular circumstance, would be just as efficient as a movable one.

Individual CCTV cameras in each stall not only help to deter and detect any malicious attacks, they also allow you to keep a close watch on the situation, from a monitor, when a mare is giving birth, and enable you to spot any erratic behaviour or symptoms of illness in the horses.

Apart from the actual stalls, other places where it is advisable to have CCTV in operation are tack rooms and storage areas, and you really must protect your horse-box or trailer. The latter, in particular, are common targets for thieves.

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