Remote CCTV monitoring is an important tool for businesses large and small – increasing security and lowering costs.

What is Remote CCTV Monitoring?

Your camera system feeds directly into a central ARC (CCTV Control Centre) which is operated 24/7

A trained CCTV operator monitors all CCTV cameras around the clock by means of a bank of screens in a control room.

Operators have complete control – alerting Police or manned guards to any intruder or situation.

Most systems have full audio facilities so that operators can give verbal warnings if they see anything suspicious, an intruder, or any kind of misbehaviour. An intercom link can also be provided for authorised enquiries.

It is also possible for the operator to control access via access control gates and barriers as well as monitoring the whole security system.

Full control 24/7

Because the operators are trained to distinguish between serious incidents and something which is of little significance it means that the police are called in only if it is necessary, which eliminates the problems which can be caused by the false alarms of other security and warning systems.

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Remote CCTV monitoring is becoming more and more popular and there is increasing evidence to prove that it is a particularly cost-effective way of reducing the risk of theft from, or damage to, a property or site.

Obviously to do all this without having to remain on site is a great advantage and it is just one of numerous benefits that a remote CCTV monitoring system can bring.

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