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We are CCTV installation experts in Reading, helping both businesses and home owners protect their properties against theft and vandalism

We supply CCTV systems, we install them, we maintain them… in fact, if you want a service related to closed-circuit television systems, it’s highly likely we already provide it.

Our team in Reading can help you with:

Help and friendly advice on selecting the best equipment

Installation of the best CCTV Cameras your budget will allow

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Reading CCTV Installation

If you’re new to the topic, don’t worry. Our team has countless years of combined experience in all aspects of CCTV. If you’re looking for information on CCTV systems in Reading and how to fit or maintain them, we’re the people to call. Why go elsewhere when you’re already in the right place – the place that can do it all?

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Our team of expert CCTV installers in Reading are ready to help you get the right CCTV system for your business or home – they have years of experience in the installation of a wide variety of CCTV Cameras for commercial and residential clients.

If you capture an incident on your CCTV system, copy the evidence, as soon as possible, onto a write-once CD-R disc or USB. Mark with an identification number and hand it over to the appropriate law enforcement agency. Keep a record of the identification number, time, date and who received the evidence. This information might be needed if the evidence goes to court.

Why is CCTV so important nowadays?

It’s incredibly easy to become complacent and to assume you’ll never be bothered by burglars. Burglary is rarer than some alarmist news reports would have you believe, but wouldn’t you like to reduce the chances of being targeted even further?

CCTV can help you do just that. Even when you have the best locks installed and a burglar alarm fitted, CCTV provides an additional layer of security. What’s more, it works for all types of property. You can protect a small house just as easily as a major warehouse on a large site. All you need to do is find the right system that provides the coverage you need.

There are financial considerations to think of when you are considering investing in closed-circuit television, too. Some people save money on their home insurance by getting cameras installed, for example. With the right cameras in place, the odds of being burgled will drop, so there is no need to worry about the loss of precious family heirlooms or anything else of value.

All in all, it’s harder to see why you wouldn’t have CCTV than to determine why you would want it.

Reduce the odds of being burgled

No one wants to be burgled, and the more you can do to deter anyone from trying to break in, the less chance there is of losing any of your prized possessions. With our help, you can get the best CCTV system to swing the odds in your favour.

See over amazing distances at night

Even when it’s pitch-black and there’s no light to guide you, the right CCTV system can still give you amazing night vision. Ask us about the best systems that include night vision so you can get the benefits, too.

Advice at the end of the phone

Have some questions? Can’t find the answers? Not to worry – we’re here to make sure you get the information you’re after. CCTV doesn’t have to be confusing – and it won’t be if you use our service.

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Don’t disappear – give us a call on 0800 211 8310 now to find out how simple it is to get the right closed-circuit television system for your property. Our free no-obligation quote is that easy to get, as you’ll see.

Crime Rates in Reading

Crime rates in Reading are relatively low – with shoplifting and theft being higher than the National average.

Both these types of crime are targeted at businesses so it is important that you as a business protect your property and stock with CCTV. Using a well installed security camera system means you deter thefts, as well as recording evidence should a crime occur.

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CCTV Advice

Why do you need CCTV?

Reasons why our Reading customers are having CCTV installed...

“Very bad area to live in, break-ins, car crime, antisocial behaviour all the time, police and council don’t care at all… only solution is visible CCTV to cover the area to deter criminals.”

Stockton Road, Reading

“24 hours surveillance and recording to deter burglars.”

Reading Home Owner

CCTV Footage

Get the best quality CCTV you can with our crystal clear CCTV Systems! The following video shows you example footage from our High Definition CCTV System.

  • Full High Definition crystal clear colour footage during the day
  • Night vision even in pitch black at 20 meters
  • You can view this footage on your phone, PC or Mac anywhere in the world
  • Records 24/7 365 days a year – at Full HD Quality
  • All our equipment is fully guaranteed for 12 months – we install using industry qualified professional installers.
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