November 2016: 6,565 crimes – why?

By Jonathan Ratcliffe

With a population reaching around 449,000 people, Bristol is eighth in the top ten of cities in the UK with the biggest populations. Not too far from the border with Wales and qualifying as a county too, Bristol sits in the south-west of England.

As with all cities and areas, crimes do go on here. Many are reported to the police and these figures are kept so we can understand more about an area. We’ve looked at a broad area around the centre of Bristol and we found 2,096 crimes of all kinds were committed there in November last year (2016).

Examples of crimes that were reported more often in Bristol in the last 12 months

The area we explored on the map saw some crime happening more often than others. If you have researched crime stats for any area already, you may guess anti-social behaviour would be top of the list. This is true in Bristol too, with 6,565 crimes totalled up for our target area through the year from December 2015 up until November 2016. This was a quarter of the total crimes for that period in that area. (25.14%).

Just behind that on 20.56% of the total was all violent and sexual offences, with 5,370 reported in the same period. All other crimes were much lower, although public order offences were in third place with 9.58% of the total amount, or 2,502 crimes.

955 people also reported their bicycles had been stolen that year (3.66%), while burglaries accounted for 6.17% of the total crimes, with 1,611 reported in total.

What do these statistics tell us?

We can learn plenty from crime statistics for any area. We can learn where most crimes took place, and which crimes were most common in any specific spot.

However, we should always take all the legal measures we can to make sure we have a chance to protect ourselves from crimes including theft from the person. We can protect our properties from being targeted by criminals too. Many thieves are opportunists, and they will look for homes where security is lax. They want to work in darkness, so security lights are a great deterrent. Additionally, CCTV cameras will capture images of potential thieves and may scare them away completely.

Make sure you do everything you can to stop yourself from becoming one of these statistics, whether it is in Bristol or elsewhere.

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BY Jonathan Ratcliffe

Jonathan manages Marketing at - with over 15 years experience in CCTV Installation - he writes as an Expert in CCTV Systems, News, Crime Rate Analysis and other FAQs