Hotels are busy places which require expert security solutions.

Protecting your hotel against theft, damage and fraud is highly important. We provide specially designed Hotel CCTV Systems throughout the UK.


Busy hotel reception areas need monitoring, and CCTV is a very cost effective way to protect your staff

CCTV Installation for Hotels

As the installation of a CCTV system can be complicated, it is always best to seek out professional advice on equipment, placement of cameras, digital storage and monitoring locations.

It is highly recommended that a proper assessment to determine how much security the hotel actually requires be done, as such systems can get expensive. Determining how many cameras you need, where they are to be positioned, what they will monitor, and for how long, are critical questions that should be answered.

Protect key areas with CCTV

  • ENTRANCES: As a rule of thumb entrances and exits are classed as vital areas. A properly installed camera can identify, or at least give a good description of, anyone entering or leaving the hotel at any time.
  • PARKING: The parking area should also have cameras at strategic points.
  • RECEPTION: The reception area should also be monitored 24/7. Again it is an ideal location for keeping an eye on guests and visitors.
  • POOL AREAS: Other places to consider are the various recreation areas, indoor pools or spas and the like.

In all this, however, it is important to maintain the correct balance between using CCTV camera technology for the safety of the hotel guests while at the same time making certain that there is no invasion of privacy.

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