The use of CCTV in the domestic sphere is vastly increasing in Britain.  As CCTV becomes more affordable, and homeowners seek to become more security conscious, the number of households who now utilise CCTV continues to expand.

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CCTV is popular because it is very effective.  With a multitude of camera models now available. the notion that a CCTV camera installation could impinge on the aesthetics of your house is now losing credibility.  Instead, what homeowners see is a way to provide their grounds with 24 hour security that they can rely on to capture any activity.

HD CCTVCCTV systems are available as both DIY packages and as part of professional installations, although for the highest clarity of images a professional installation carries the edge.  Systems are now easily available for homeowners, whatever their needs.  So from one camera systems over looking cars on a driveway to a more advanced system with several cameras, CCTV solutions are readily available for those who want them.

If we return again to the facts around burglary we can see that 80% of burglars operate in an opportunistic fashion.  The presence of CCTV cameras is one of the strongest possible deterrent to the burglars, and cameras can also be supplemented by signs indicating that CCTV is in operation.  Even for the 20% of burglars who we could describe as more committed than the opportunistic burglar, CCTV represents a hugely problematic obstacle.

Example CCTV footage

An example of Home CCTV footage is below, this shows a young man attempting to break into a home. We’d suggest using signage to deter a criminal like this even before he starts looking around the property. Obviously home CCTV systems record which is reactive, we can also set up motion detect which can alert you – this is pro-active.

Modern CCTV systems offer a lot of options to their users, and one of the most attractive options is the remote monitoring capability that many of them provide.  This function allows for owners to view CCTV footage from remote locations on their computer, tablet or mobile device.  So, for example, it enables users to view CCTV footage while they are away on holiday.  Unsurprisingly,  this is popular because it allows them allowing you to check up on security and enjoy peace of mind while away from home.

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