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Professionally Installed CCTV Packages for the Home

Not only does CCTV provide a great deterrent to theft and burglary – many home owners are using it to gather evidence against anti-social behaviour which is blighting many areas of the UK.

Families treat Home CCTV as an important part of the protection of their home and lifestyle – protecting themselves from intrusion.

  • CCTV provides a great deterrent against theft and burglary – high profile cameras and signage used well can reduce crime significantly.
  • Record continuously on a standalone Digital Video Recorder – giving you peace of mind that any activity in and around your home is being recorded.
  • Infra-red Night Vision – Many systems use IR night vision to record images from completely pitch black areas of your house – such as alleyways and yards.
  • View on your iPhone/iPad – We can set your CCTV System to be viewed on your Smart Phone – just ask.
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Full HD CCTV Footage
The footage from our Home CCTV Systems uses Full HD technology to give you crystal clear images during the day – and up to 30 metres even in the pitch black.

Home CCTV Installation

Which Home CCTV Installation is right for me?

You have lots of choice when it comes what type of system to go for. A basic “no frills” home CCTV system is great for general monitoring of your home, however if you need to provide evidence in court (not everyone wishes for this) then you will need a more specific set-up – and for this we recommend a professional installation.

If you need to identify someone from your CCTV home security system, and need to present this as evidence in court – then the subject should be no less than 120% of the screen. Often this is hard to achieve with a cheap DIY CCTV System, so we recommend a professional installation. If you don’t need such evidence, you can get away with a cheaper system. Remember not to sell yourself short.

It is not only large homes that are using CCTV – many home owners are looking for the reassurance that CCTV provides them.

  • Monitor your home while you are away or on holiday
  • Record activity for review at a later date
  • Actively deter criminals by using signage and cameras
  • Keep an eye on who is visiting elderly or dependant relatives using a hidden security camera.

CCTV Cameras for Home

You can either specify wireless CCTV or a wired CCTV camera system for home, however most people opt for wired systems due to their reliability, and it’s important to remember that even wireless cameras need power cables. Ask us for advice.

CCTV on your iPhone / iPad / Mobile

Many of the systems we sell are compatible with Smart Phones. If you’d like to view your CCTV footage through your phone, let us know when you request your quote.

The ability to view CCTV footage of your home on your phone is a powerful tool – not only while you are away, but it is also very easy to see what is going on outside, at your door, behind your garage – anywhere!

Home CCTV Help:

We can provide quotations for any type of CCTV system for homes large or small. Please call 0800 211 8310 or complete our quote form at the bottom of this page.

How does home CCTV work?

Quite simply a CCTV system for your home will generally comprise the CCTV camera, a digital video recorder, monitor and wiring.

The camera is a specialist camera with features such as infra red night vision and usually comes with a monitor so that it can operate on its own – however many CCTV systems allow you to view on your home TV.

Once the camera has received the images it sends them to the DVR which records all footage continuously. There may also be a motor which provides the facility to be able to zoom in and out depending on the type of lens that is fitted.

As an added bonus such a system will enable you to install more than one camera if you wish to cover a greater area, or individual rooms.

Is Home CCTV a good idea?

It is little wonder that home CCTV is currently more popular than ever, for not only has it proved an excellent way of protecting your home and possessions, it also has insurance benefits as well. If you have installed a good quality system you will find that your insurance premiums will be reduced, and isn’t that something to be happy about?

The major reason for having CCTV cameras in and around your home, however, is to provide you with 24-hour surveillance that acts as a deterrent and the peace of mind that comes with the knowledge that, if there is an attempted break-in, or even a successful one, you have the means with which to bring the culprit to justice.

NB. not all off the shelf CCTV Kits will give you footage in the right quality to prosecute. Please ask us for more information.

What is the best CCTV for home?

There is no straight answer to this question as it all depends on what you want the surveillance camera to do and what kind of cash you have to spend.

For instance, there are wireless home CCTV systems which are ideal for minimising wires and means that images can be transmitted using analogue or digital technology; there are also night vision cameras which tend to be most effective in low light (perfect if you are in a poorly lit area); and there are also CCTV cameras with motion detection which sense when there is any movement around the property. The latter is one of the dearer options. There are also remote access CCTV cameras, high resolution CCTV cameras and outdoor home CCTV cameras to name but a few.

All the different options have their advantages, but if you are looking to protect your home in the best way possible, you should opt for a set-up that has high image quality and night vision, as these are the two things that will help you to clearly spot intruders. You should also look at things such as recording quality and storage facilities.

Types of CCTV Cameras for Home

You’d think that with so much choice on the market and with so many technological advancements, choosing a security system for your home would be a simple quest. Choice can be confusing though, and there’s a lot to think about when it comes to protecting you, your family and your home.

Do you need a camera that follows people around as they move about or do you need something that can pan, zoom and tilt? If you decide that you don’t need any of these, you can always opt for a well-designed fixed camera. The thing is, things aren’t always that cut and dried, and now you can always play with the initial design by choosing a system with add-ons and additional features.

When it comes to picking your security cameras, it’s a good idea to think about what needs to be protected and whereabouts that ‘what’ is. Is it indoors or is it outdoors? Once you have decided, it’s time to begin comparing features and suitability. The one type of CCTV camera you won’t need for your home is the dome camera because these are better suited to a different kind of space. To monitor your home efficiently, you need to think about the following designs:

Cameras with WiFi included
If you can connect your security system to a handy app – you’ll be able to check on your home whenever you want, which is bound to give you maximum peace of mind. It also makes the installation process very smooth, and it’s a system that isn’t easily disabled – no wires to be cut!

Motion-detected cameras
A great option is a camera that alerts you when there has been movement within your protected area. It’s the perfect way to keep an eye on suspicious activities.

Clear-view cameras
If you get a security monitoring system with a high vision resolution, the images that are transmitted will be clear for all to see. This is something that is especially useful when you need to view faces in clear sight.

Night-vision cameras
Most crime occurs at night time – especially occurrences like burglaries. If you want to keep an eye on things in the dark, it’s well worth considering a design that includes night-vision capabilities.

Cameras with audio capabilities
If your security camera has a microphone you’ll be able to pick up on any unexpected movements and sounds being made.

CCTV Camera for Home: What you need to know

Adding a CCTV camera to your home could prove to highly beneficial, particularly if you want to deter criminals from breaking into your property as well as monitoring your home while you are away.

Additionally, it can provide peace of mind, particularly if you have loved ones that you want to protect. The police are also extremely keen to encourage more and more people to install CCTV outside their houses.

Reduced insurance costs

Naturally, home insurance companies are worried about their bottom line, and if you’ve made a claim or two in the past you can expect your premiums to go through the roof. By installing a CCTV system that could act as a deterrent, however, your home is at far less risk of being robbed. If you have a property that is less likely to be robbed, thanks to the installation of CCTV, it stands to reason that you will pay less to your home insurer. Ultimately, it may mean that any initial outlay you spend on the installation of CCTV could be recouped fairly quickly when it comes to renewing your insurance premiums.

Contributes to a safer neighbourhood

We all want to be a good neighbour and by simply installing a CCTV camera or system on your property, you’ll be building up the confidence of people within your community. If your neighbourhood has fallen victim to crime recently, a CCTV camera can record the outside of your property and the surrounding area, meaning children will be able to go outside and play, safe in the knowledge that the area is secure.

Provides evidence

If you’ve been the victim of a home robbery, you’ll know just how frustrating it is when you hear that the police have closed the case without finding the perpetrator due to a lack of evidence. CCTV can provide that missing evidence and ensure that those responsible are ultimately brought to justice. Having recorded footage from the break-in can prove extremely useful to the investigators involved, so if you don’t want to receive another letter from the police force saying that they’ve stopped looking into your case, then CCTV could be the way to go.

Added safety

CCTV is proven to add to the security of your home which in turn will make you feel safer. Having to sleep in your home after a break-in can be pretty unnerving, but with CCTV and the added security it brings, you can go to sleep safe in the knowledge that your house is secure and safe from any potential burglaries.