Home CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) provides a visible and effective deterrent to any individual or group who are tempted to carry out criminal activity to, or within, a private property and offers peace of mind and security to everyone that lives there.

Though prevalent in public places for many years, historically it has been considered both expensive and incredibly disruptive to install surveillance equipment into private residences, mainly due to the extensive wiring and installation required. However thanks to the massive leaps forward in technology in recent years, it has never been easier or cheaper to protect a home than it is today.

CCTV facilities have been developed to suit almost every home and budget and offer all types of equipment from instant relay systems that provide complete coverage of an entire house, to flexible and adaptable and innovative hardware that can store images of particular areas of property with no wiring at all. 

Such an unobtrusive method of surveillance enables even the smallest of homes to benefit from CCTV protection without having to worry about the damage and inconvenience that installing a fully wired system can create.


CCTV equipment is not only effective outside the home but can also be used throughout the inside of the house as well. With the use of wireless technology, cameras can be placed almost anywhere.

Internal monitoring equipment is available in all shapes and sizes from standard visible styles to pinhole cameras that can be fitted into alarm sensors, fire alarm sensors or almost any other element in the home to provide clear, sharp images in practically any location.

Infra red technology enables surveillance in even very low light conditions and offers perfect night vision for both close circuit and longer range surveillance across the property.

(above) This is an example of a wired CCTV system for the home. While wired systems are useful in many situations, technology now allows us to use Wireless CCTV Cameras to do the same job. These are far less expensive and do not involve major rewiring. Obviously there are downsides such as signal loss over long distances, but the prices are low and this makes them much more affordable for every home in the UK.

As most systems now also incorporate audio facilities into their technology, the activities recorded on CCTV can now be heard as well as seen to create a fuller picture of what is happening in any given location.

An effective CCTV infrastructure provides 24 hours protection for any given property even when the house is vacant for long periods of time and can be as valuable as having a personal security guard on the premises, but for a fraction of the cost.

Reduced crime rates

Statistics have indicated that the existence of CCTV can significantly reduce the amount of crime committed in an area and therefore by installing such equipment in a home it is possible to both deter a potential intruder from targeting a house and improve the confidence of the people living there.

Any burglar or thief is going to look for the point of least resistance when identifying a potential target and the physical presence of CCTV equipment on a house can deter any intruder from attempting to enter a property which has installed such protection. This brings comfort to anyone that feels vulnerable in their home and offers reassurance to home owners that not only is their property safe but also the loved ones that live inside.

Furthermore, CCTV can also support the prosecution of criminals should a crime take place. This type of flexible monitoring system is able to capture crucial evidence of any antisocial activity carried out which can then be quickly and easily downloaded and sent to the local authorities for potential evidence. Such vital information can improve the chances of any potential perpetrator being identified and then support prosecution when they are brought to justice.

Technology is helping to reduce price

An increasing amount of CCTV systems now also come with remote access capability built in which means that the cameras and recording facilities can be controlled via PC or smart phone based technology from almost any location. With the capability of some systems to send an email or text notification when any motion is detected, it is now possible for no movement to go unnoticed whether the home owner is in another room or in another country.

Developments in the digital recording side of CCTV technology have enabled some of the most innovative advancements in home surveillance equipment. Whether a PC, hard drive or dedicated standalone digital video recorder (DVR) is used, opt for a motion sensor system to extend the storage time of the equipment and avoid the need to sit through hours of non activity when footage is replayed.

Pre-recorded footage can be quickly and easily reviewed, catalogued, backed up and stored by the individual themselves and, as the security of our property lies so squarely with the home owner these days, CCTV can play a vital role in ensuring that everyone and everything within a property remains safe and secure.

Other uses: monitoring children/babies, elderly or infirm and disabled

But CCTV is not solely used for security and crime prevention. It is also incredibly effective for other types of surveillance processes especially when trying to offer a constant but unobtrusive level of monitoring to an individual or environment.

Such equipment can be particularly useful when caring for the elderly or disabled where resources may not be available for continuous one to one monitoring. In such a situation, CCTV provides an extra level of care whilst enabling the individual to retain a level of privacy and dignity without risking their personal safety.

In addition, closed circuit television can be used to monitor sleeping babies, raising the alarm when the child wakes, or can even be used to keep a close eye on animals that need regular observations without physical human presence.

A home CCTV system can be installed with little to no disruption to the household, in a very short space of time. It may be possible to install a simple network in just one working day and this will include full instruction and support so that each individual in the house can use the technology simply and to its best advantage.

In the UK there are now more than 4 million security cameras in operation, more per person than any other country in the world, which proves just how much we can now rely on CCTV to keep our homes and our families safe and sound.