How does your garden grow?

Not very well, sometimes, if you have had vandals doing a wrecking job, or thieves have broken in and taken off with some of your loveliest plants or those prize-winning vegetable show exhibits; broken the panes in the greenhouse, or pinched the electric mower from the shed.

Many a gnome has also mysteriously disappeared after a garden raid, not to mention barbecues, patio furniture, miniature wells, water features and fencing.


Yet it could all be prevented simply by installing a CCTV camera system.

There are not many thieves, and probably fewer vandals, who would risk being caught on screen invading the privacy of your back garden. Why bother when they could pop round the corner and find a neighbour who had invitingly left the gate open for them, with not a camera in sight?

In the unlikely event of someone being foolish enough to steal from your garden, or cause damage to it, you would be able to access the footage in order to identify the miscreants and have them brought to book.

You will not have to dig too deep to cover the costs of a CCTV system, and the little you do fork out will be worth every penny.

The gnome will feel much safer, too! Call us for a free quote today on 0800 211 8310.


CCTV for Gardens

It is a sad and upsetting reality of life that we must go out of our way to protect all of our belongings from intruders. Having worked so hard for everything that we have purchased, the thought of somebody just coming along and brazenly robbing our belongings is sickening.

Most expensive items are stored in the home – from computers to tablets to mobile phones to flat-screen televisions. It’s all there, under one roof. With a large accumulative value of all household goods, most people take precautions by alarming their home for when they are out.

However, what about the garden?

Catching the thief red-handed

It might not be realistic to have an alarm installed to detect intruders as they walk into your garden, but it is certainly possible to rig your home up with CCTV that faces on to your front as well as back gardens.

A lot of the time, thieves are much more interested in stealing a car in a person’s driveway than taking the risk of breaking into the home and possibly being confronted by a baseball bat-wielding resident. Many thieves are more security savvy than they receive credit for, and they will abandon their criminal plans at the first sight of a camera facing in their direction.

An inexpensive solution to the scourge of thieves

More and more people are setting their properties up with CCTV, and they’re doing it for three very specific reasons:

1. It’s inexpensive to purchase
2. It deters thieves
3. Even if it doesn’t deter thieves, they will be on camera and you can take your evidence straight to the police.

CCTV for gardens is a no-brainer and, as more and more people install it, life will become more difficult for thieves. And that can only be a very good thing.