CCTV cameras are being used more and more to help keep the elderly safe and secure, whether in private homes or in residential care. 

It particularly applies if you have a loved one living on their own.

You know you are only a phone call away, but sometimes that may not be enough. A CCTV system can enable you to keep a visual check on their well-being all the time, and will also make it possible for you to call for help if necessary.


You can have the software you need on your computer to provide you with the ability to view and play back recordings.

Wireless CCTV cameras in the hallway, kitchen and living room and porch would allow monitoring 24 hours, seven days a week, without intruding too much on the privacy of the elderly relative, and it would provide you with peace of mind, and them with a sense of greater security. It might also be an idea to have a camera that allows the person in the house to see who is knocking at the door.

You could even have a system that enables you to keep a check while you are away on holiday. These days there is no limit to the possibilities. There are now affordable systems that allow you to log in from a computer or mobile phone.

Whatever system you decide upon – and professional advice is always available from us – remember that, above all, you are doing your best to ensure that the elderly people you love are safe and sound. Call our team today on 0800 211 8310.


Benefits of CCTV for the elderly

When it comes to home security or protecting a business, the benefits of CCTV are obvious and overwhelming. However, when it comes to caring for an elderly loved one, many fail to realise the advantages on offer by using CCTV to, in various ways, protect them. So here are some of the underappreciated benefits of using CCTV for the elderly

  • Ensure they are taking their medication
  • Allows your elderly loved one to maintain their independence, but with a watchful eye in case an emergency was to arise
  • If in a care home, you can see the sort of care they are receiving, and make sure they are not being mistreated
  • Can help as a tool in prosecuting any caregivers who are found to either be mistreating or stealing from your vulnerable elderly loved one
  • Allows you to immediately respond if a sudden accident or emergency were to occur
  • Allows you to live and work away from the house or nearby for long periods of time, without fear something may go wrong
  • Cuts back on costs of having to hire someone else to come in and provide basic monitoring
  • Can indicate telltale signs of early stage illnesses or disabilities, such as regular falls, erratic behaviour or even dementia
  • Can be used to help track someone with dementia or Alzheimer’s which may cause them, only sporadically, to try to attempt something dangerous, like leave hom

Allows you to track for any unwanted or prying individuals, such as burglars or others trying to guilt money out of your loved one

When it comes to installing CCTV for the elderly, there are a wide range of different options available. Some of them are more obvious and act as a deterrent to intruders, while others are much more subtle and can be hidden in places that potential burglars, untrustworthy care employees and even your loved one, if necessary, are unable to see them. To find out more about the range of options available for CCTV for the elderly, get in contact with us today.