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Offering CCTV installation services across the Dartford and Kent area, we can supply and fit a wide range of CCTV systems in both domestic and commercial premises of any size. From small flats and houses to large commercial and industrial complexes, we will ensure your property is protected with 24 hour CCTV.

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Dartford CCTV Installation

Using only locally based fully qualified and experienced installers, we also offer a full range of other CCTV services such as servicing maintenance and repair. If you need CCTV in the Dartford area, contact us today for your free, no obligation quote.

CCTV Installation in Dartford

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5 Simple Reasons Why You Need CCTV

CCTV Protects Your Home

Having CCTV installed outside of your house immediately makes you less likely to be a victim of crime. Very few criminals will take the risk of being caught on camera and will prefer to target homes that do not have CCTV.

CCTV Protects Your Possessions

You may be surprised but most of us have thousands of pounds worth of easily stealable items in our homes. Think about things like phones, laptops and tablets that you have in your home. Investing in a CCTV system will see these items that you have worked hard for protected.

CCTV Protects Your Family

Most importantly, CCTV protects your family by deterring criminals from targeting your property. Wouldn’t you love to give your family the peace of mind that CCTV can bring?

CCTV Protects Your Car

If you leave your car out on the street or on your drive, then it can be vulnerable to thieves. Apart from your house, your car is probably the most expensive thing you won so it is nice to have the peace of mind that CCTV coverage can give.

CCTV Can Protect Your Business

CCTV is essential in businesses now, protecting both your goods and your staff.

Why use

12 Months Warranty

With all of the CCTV systems that we supply and ifit, you get a full 12 months warranty that covers you for labour and parts. Once this is up, we also offer a range of very good value servicing and maintenance contracts to keep your CCTV system in tip-top condition.

HD Cameras

All of our CCTV cameras use the very best quality HD footage which means you’ll get sharp, easy to see images. This is essential if your footage is ever needed by the police to get a prosecution.

Excellent Night Time Quality Footage

It’s not just daytime doota get that is excellent thanks to HD cameras, night time footage is too. Technology has moved on considerably these days and you’ll be amazed at how good it actually is, with cameras these days being able to shoot up to 30m into the pitch black.

Best Price Guarantee

When you get one of our free, no obligation quotes, you can rest assured that not only are you getting excellent and unbiased advice  but you are also getting the very best prices on the market thanks to our Best Price Guarantee.

Crime Rates in Dartford

The rate of crime in Dartford is mixed. Shoplifting and anti-social behaviour is very high, while burglary and theft are low.

Installing CCTV cameras in either a residential or commercial building brings great advantages – if cameras are positioned over door ways or entrances, then the criminal is scared off, this deterrent effect is well practised around the world.

Why do you need CCTV?

CCTV Footage

Get the best quality CCTV you can with our crystal clear CCTV Systems! The following video shows you example footage from our High Definition CCTV System.

  • Full High Definition crystal clear colour footage during the day
  • Night vision even in pitch black at 20 meters
  • You can view this footage on your phone, PC or Mac anywhere in the world
  • Records 24/7 365 days a year – at Full HD Quality
  • All our equipment is fully guaranteed for 12 months – we install using industry qualified professional installers.
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