Crime Stats for Leeds in 2016

By Jonathan Ratcliffe

Leeds is in West Yorkshire, and is home to over 750,000 people. The higher population levels in the average city mean it’s not unusual to find a higher incidence of crime there. Leeds is no different in this respect, even though most people are unaffected.

November 2016 saw 1,101 crimes of all types reported in Leeds. The bulk of the reports came from areas close to the centre of Leeds; the further out you go from the centre, the smaller the number of reported crimes becomes. Again, this is to be expected of an area with a built-up centre and more spread-out populations on the outskirts.

Crime maps like this are available to help you determine whether you are in a crime hotspot.

Examples of the more common types of crimes reported in Leeds

The crime with the greatest number of occurrences between December 2015 and November 2016 covers violence and sexual offences. As per recent statistics, 2,200 crimes of this nature were reported during that time. This accounted for 17.32% of the total for the year.

The second highest total was for ‘other theft’, i.e. thefts that were not included under any other more-relevant heading. A percentage of 16.38% was seen in this area. Anti-social behaviour came in third, with 1,455 incidents and 11.46% of the total.

The term ‘other’ is an all-encompassing one that covers crimes that cannot be easily put into any more-specific category. Leeds had a percentage of 0.81% in this area, while possession of weapons was even lower, at just 0.46%.

What do these figures tell us?

By glancing through figures like these, we can tell which crimes are more common in the city of Leeds and the surrounding areas. For example, 1,444 thefts occurred from the person in the year given, accounting for over 11% of the total crimes reported. Other crimes are much less common, although we should still be alert and do everything we can to protect our surroundings.

In truth, Leeds is no more dangerous than any other major city. Most people who live, work or visit the city will never have any problems or be the victims of crime. However, the more

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