Crime in Birmingham – Are YOU at Risk?

By Jonathan Ratcliffe

As a homeowner, it's very important to ensure you don't become complacent about the risks posed to you by criminals. This is especially true for those people living in a big city such as Birmingham. The truth of the matter is that Birmingham has a higher crime rate than many other parts of the UK - every district in Birmingham had a minimum of 50 crimes reported in July of last year, so it's never been more important to practise vigilance. Not all of these crimes are specific to homeowners of course, but in this article, we'll go into the crimes committed on private property in Birmingham and what can be done to protect yourself against these.


Burglary is a horrible crime to experience, whether violent or non-violent. Not only can the theft of property cause financial difficulty and serious upset, but residents usually feel very uncomfortable in their own home afterwards. Between 2017 and 2018, rates of burglary in Birmingham increased, and this is a trend that’s likely to continue into 2019.

Burglaries are a crime that has been in the public consciousness particularly for Birmingham residents, with news earlier this year of the arrest of two teenagers for a series of violent crimes including the raid of four burglaries, three robberies and two attempted robberies. Homeowners were threatened with weapons including a machete, resulting in the theft of several cars.


In a couple of these attacks, the criminals even fled empty-handed – smashing windows and then leaving without any stolen property. Indeed, senseless damage to homes isn’t unheard of in Birmingham. Vandalism is particularly prevalent in areas of Birmingham such as Hawkesley Square, where windows have been smashed in seriously anti-social incidents.

Protecting your home from vandalism should be a key concern for Birmingham residents, particularly those homeowners living in higher risk areas.

What can be done

If you have already unfortunately been the victim of property-related crime, make sure to report this on the Birmingham council website.

This means that, as long as they are given a crime reference number, the council will be able to assist you in carrying out repair and other work to make your home safer.

To protect your home, it’s important to look out for obvious weaknesses that compromise its security. This includes replacing any old inefficient locks on windows and doors and adding fences around your property. This doesn’t have to be a heavy-duty metal barrier – any fencing will help to deter criminals due to the extra effort required. It’s also a great idea to invest in some simple anti-theft devices, such as CCTV security cameras, burglar alarms and

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BY Jonathan Ratcliffe

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