Are you looking to increase your home security in Coventry? Our CCTV systems are a great addition to simply locking your doors and shutting your windows.

CCTV systems provide extra peace of mind, letting you see what’s going on while you’re sleeping at night or out of the house during the day.

Our Home CCTV systems keep an eye on your home when you’re not around. Their presence can act as a deterrent for potential thieves and intruders; people are less likely to commit crimes if they know they’re being recorded. You can record during the day while at work or out at the shops, and through the night while you sleep soundly inside.

We can also set up systems at the homes of elderly relatives or other dependants in Coventry to help you know they’re safe while you’re not with them. Tailor our systems with a variety of features boasting different benefits, including:

  • High profile cameras and signage; a quality system which looks professional and deters intruders by advertising protection. Footage from CCTV systems, when it meets the requirements, can be used in court cases as evidence.
  • Record continuously or for set periods, i.e. work hours.
  • Infrared night vision to record in the dark; useful as security during your most vulnerable hours.
  • Choose a wired or wireless system to suit your preference; wired is a more reliable connection whereas wireless runs on batteries and works despite power cuts.
  • Remote viewing; check on your home by accessing recordings on your iPhone/iPad.