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Commercial CCTV Installed throughout the UK

Deterring and detecting intrusions and thefts in your commercial premises is now more important than ever. It can reduce financial loses and avoid costly business interruption.

Surveillance of this sort is not the only priority though. Many companies have a pressing need for monitoring equipment to better manage productivity, waste and maintenance issues for example.

Commercial CCTV is the easiest and most affordable solution for both surveillance and monitoring. It offers your company around the clock observation and recording; internally or externally and even in hard to reach places. All with minimal hassle, personnel or investment of time.

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Our Commercial CCTV Systems

One of the primary advantages of modern commercial CCTV systems provided by is how incredibly versatile they are. Equipment can match any business need, or location.

When commercial CCTV is planned and installed properly, it’s fully compliant to legislation and insurance requirements. It can also serve multiple businesses purposes depending on your configuration and software, including being able to:

  • Deter would-be intruders on your boundaries.
  • Detect criminal activity internally and externally.
  • Gather data to pass to authorities
  • Reduce risks of break-ins, criminal damage and acts of terrorism.
  • Protect staff and customers.
  • Conduct research and monitoring, such as customer numbers and staff engagement.
  • Build more intuitive repair and replacement schedules.
  • Watch hard to reach equipment in operation.
  • Monitor remote locations.
  • Improve productivity and time management.

The presence of CCTV can give visitors a sense of security too. It all comes down to telling us what sort of CCTV data would best serve your business.

Ease of operation and affordability

Fortunately, modern commercial CCTV equipment is also easy to use. It’s slimmed down and a great deal more unobtrusive than its predecessors, with simple commands and prompts to control it.

Yet through us, you can commission a wide choice of CCTV features. For instance, it can be integrated into your existing technology. Other bespoke adaptations include thermal imaging or appearance search and tracking. Also, functions such as intelligent video analytics and license plate recognition can be added to your tailored CCTV system.

Today’s CCTV systems for commercial premises are competitively priced too, with options to suit a wide range of budgets as well as a vast array of building layouts and business needs.

Types of commercial CCTV Systems

Once your aims are clear, we can recommend and install a CCTV system that does its job flawlessly, consistently and with a high degree of automation.

One of the most responsive aspects of today’s surveillance and monitoring equipment is the choices for controlling and receiving input. You can view real-time and recorded CCTV data on your head office laptop, or while using your smartphone on the go, for example. In fact, you can view CCTV camera data from any internet-enabled device, anywhere in the world!

The big decision is which CCTV cameras are best for your premises and purposes, something we can help with. Your CCTV camera options include:

Dome cameras:
Commonly used inside and outside business premises, with the ability to pan, tilt and zoom on command and covering an extensive area.

Bullet cameras:
Elongated and cylindrical, these can facilitate long-distance monitoring and surveillance. They too can be moved and focused on command, for internal and external purposes thanks to water and dirt resistant casings.

Night and day cameras:
These are CCTV cameras that adjust to light qualities if you need 24-hour oversight using infrared illuminators.

C-mount cameras:
Less common than the options above, they can be fitted with a special lens to extend their range to more than 40ft.

Internet Protocol cameras:
IP CCTV cameras are our biggest sellers. They enable operators to view data via a local area network. Ideal for security personnel who need to view multiple locations.

High Definition cameras:
HD CCTV cameras are the best option when you need clear footage. This can be important in retail and offices spaces for example when you need to focus on detailed movements and interactions.

How we can help you install a Commercial CCTV System

Placement of CCTV cameras is extremely important. It’s not just about securing the best viewpoint. Depending on the type of system you choose, you need uninterrupted transmission of data too. Making expert advice on camera placement a way to avoid costly errors.

Using expert installation engineers also ensures any wiring needed is logical configured and discrete. covers all this and provides you with training and ongoing technical support. This is particularly vital if you need an advanced CCTV system for your work premises, optimised and maintained to its full potential.

In fact, our role begins with helping you decide on the best system before we even install your commercial CCTV. A site visit to discuss your goals and expectations helps us to map out the best CCTV solutions and your free installation quote.

From this, you gain the confidence to invest in a CCTV system that can deter, detect, report, monitor and record, according to your commercial needs.

For businesses and commercial organisations, security is a prime concern. From sports centres to car showrooms, supermarkets to schools. the need for adequate security is universal in the commercial sector. Vital for reputations, vital for consumer confidence and vital for business owners themselves, quality security is not just a bonus; it is a necessity.

Our professionally installed CCTV systems are used widely across the commercial sector and can provide you with the high-level security that you require. Across Britain the use of CCTV is increasingly wide spread. At the same time, average crime rates continue to fall. This is no coincidence, CCTV provide a huge deterrent to criminals and the properties in which CCTV is installed are statistically less likely to be targeted by criminals.

So if you are considering investing in a professionally installed CCTV system for your business or commercial premise then let us outline the benefits:

  • CCTV provides an exceptional deterrent to criminal activity. If you want to prevent criminals from approaching your property then a professional CCTV installation is one of the most effective ways of doing so.
  • CCTV can play a huge role in helping to bring criminals to justice. When a criminals breaks into a property with a professionally fitted CCTV system they will be caught on camera. This is footage which can then be used by police to help bring the perpetrator to justice.
  • The CCTV systems we install can be integrated into your wifi, allowing you to view live CCTV footage on your desktop, mobile or tablet from any remote location where you can connect to the internet.
  • CCTV provides 24 hour surveillance, so your property can enjoy high levels of security which are constant. When compared to the cost of employing security guards for 24 hours a day, a CCTV system offers superb value.

Bank CCTV Systems

We design and install state of the art CCTV systems suitable for banks, building societies and cash movement businesses.

If a bank can only be one thing then that one thing should be secure. A bank without a robust security system is an open invitation to criminals looking to fill their pockets with vast swathes of cash. Therefore, to assure the safety of a bank’s staff, and the security of its contents, a top-quality CCTV system is an absolute necessity.

The professionally installed CCTV systems we supply can offer banks the comprehensive levels of security that they require. Offering a highly-effective deterrent to criminals, we have a variety of cameras suitable for surveillance both inside and outside the premises.

Our professional bank CCTV installations offer:

  • 24 hour surveillance that you can rely on 100% of the time to capture any disturbance or intrusion.
  • Remote monitoring capability. We can integrate our cameras into your wifi allowing you to view live CCTV footage from all your cameras on your desktop, tablet or mobile.
  • Security camera systems tailored to your exact needs. We can supply as many cameras as you need to monitor the areas of your premises that you require.
  • A strong visual deterrent to keep criminals from targeting your property.
  • Cameras positioned in the optimum positions to ensure that images of the highest quality are captured

How long do banks keep CCTV?

The retention time for banks to keep CCTV varies. It may take the days or months until something or someone responds in such a way to be noticed.

For instance, it may take days for someone to cause a security problem which is worthy noting and which may call for investigation. In such cases, the bank will naturally have to retain the CCTV footage for long enough until there is ground enough to call for an investigation. This is especially so as it may take a number of days or even months for a problem to be brought to light.

So to answer the question – it depends upon the bank in question. However, most banks will not keep CCTV footage for longer than is necessary.

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Car Park CCTV

When given the choice between parking your car on a car park without any security or parking your car on a car park overseen by CCTV the preferable option is obvious.

Car crime can be a great worry to people when they leave their car unattended, especially if they are visiting an area with which they are unfamiliar. Therefore, if you own a car park it can pay dividends to install a CCTV system on the premises.

CCTV is an exceptionally effective deterrent of crime, and car parks guarded by the presence of CCTV provide a high level of protection for the vehicles parked there. The ability of security camera systems to ward off those looking to target unattended cars offers drivers the reassurance they want and encourages them to choose properly secured car parks.

Another useful function of CCTV is for number plate recognition (ANPR). If you own a car park then you need to ensure that the cars who use it pay the rates that you charge. CCTV can ensure that cars do not use your car park without paying.

The correct CCTV system can allow you to read the number plates of cars, allowing you to ascertain both when they entered the car park and when they left. This, in turn, means that you know how long a car has been parked on your car park, the level of payment that is due, and whether or not the driver has paid.

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Betting Shop CCTV

Our professionally installed CCTV systems represent the ideal security solution for your betting shop.

Becoming a victim of property crime can be devastating both financially and emotionally. The costs of a break in can amount to a much greater sum than that of any money stolen and damaged cause. For small businesses, crime is especially damaging because of the negative effect it can have on future trade. With the potential for profits to fall for some time into the future, the cost a break in is often incalculable.

For these reasons, a robust security system is a necessity for small businesses such as betting shops. If you want to steel your property against the threat of crime then our professional CCTV installations are perfect for your needs. The cameras we install deter criminals from approaching your property and ensure that anybody who does commit a crime on your premises will be caught on camera doing so.

Our professionally installed CCTV systems can offer you:

  • 24 hour monitoring capabilities, ensuring that your property is constantly secure
  • High-quality images and footage, ensuring that the footage captured is of sufficient quality to be used in police investigations.
  • Remote monitoring capability, allowing you to stream live footage on your desktop, mobile or tablet.
  • Fantastic crime deterrent, keeping criminals away from your property and minimising the likelihood that your betting shop will become a target for crime.

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CCTV for Shops

If you are a shop-owner then you will know that quality security is an essential ingredient of running a successful business. Vandalism can ruin a shop’s image, deterring customers in the process, while thieves and burglars can take valuable stock, impacting significantly on your profit margins and traumatising both yourself and your staff.

In order to clamp down on criminals, and enjoy confidence in the security of your shop, you need a professionally installed CCTV system. Offering both the ability to deter criminals, and catch them in the act, CCTV is one of the most effective tools for strengthening your shops security.

The CCTV installations we provide can offer you:

  • Round the clock surveillance. Whatever the time of day, our CCTV installations deter criminals and capture clear, sharp images. If there is a disturbance, it will be caught on camera.
  • Extremely effective deterrence. If you want to stop criminals targeting your property in the first place the our professionally installed CCTV systems are exactly what you need.
  • CCTV systems to suit your needs. One camera or a dozen, IR cameras or dome cameras, whatever your security requirements our professional service will meet them.
  • So if you want to provide your shop with the impressive levels of security that it deserves then we are here to help you with our professional CCTV installation services.
  • CCTV cameras are now a common sight in shops, whether the convenience store in the village or one of the superstores in, or on the edges of, the big cities.

This is hardly surprising, in view of the excellent work they do as a deterrent to crime, and also as a means of identifying and bringing any wrong-doers to justice.

Would-be thieves are often put off by the presence of strategically-placed and visible CCTV cameras, which is step number one in the fight against crime, and those who take the risk are usually caught quite clearly in the recorded footage so that they are either seen and apprehended at the time, or identified and tracked down by the police later on.

CCTV also offers protection for the staff and acts as a security measure for the owner, who is able to monitor any irregularities involving the work force. If staff know they are being watched there will be far less chance of them doing anything underhand and hey will be far more likely to give a good day’s work for a good day’s pay.

Shoplifting, vandalism and malpractice by employees are all, therefore, subject to the all-seeing eye of the camera with the result that safety, security and protection is offered all round.

There are many technological advances in recent years which have been of great benefit to shopkeepers and CCTV is certainly one of the most important.

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CCTV cameras continue to provide a vital tool in the fight against crime and violence in bars, pubs and night clubs.

The advantages of having such a surveillance system in operation are fourfold:

  • Staff and customers feel much safer;
  • it enables staff and security to be directed immediately to a trouble spot;
  • it produces tangible evidence to help find offenders and bring them to justice;
  • because of all this, it acts as a deterrent to would-be offenders.
  • A CCTV system will also help in the carrying out of health and safety procedures; protect your employees, as well as spotting any in-house irregularities; and ensure the welfare of the customers.

Bar and public house CCTV camera systems are professionally designed, installed and tailor made for the precise needs of the licensed premises in question, using the latest digital recording technologies.

Remote internet access comes as standard.

If in doubt, call us and we will be only too pleased to give advice on which system will suit you best. It is also advisable to use CCTV in conjunction with other crime and violence prevention measures.

If you would like a system that enables you to view the images without actually being on the premises then that can be arranged using standard internet connection WI-FI or a mobile phone network.

Around the clock maintenance, training and customer support is also on offer so that there is constant assurance that your CCTV system will always be there for you.

The benefits of using CCTV in your bar, pub or club

During recent years the popularity of CCTV cameras in public spaces has grown, helping to maintain safety on our streets. Shops and supermarkets use CCTV, but what about bars, pubs and clubs? Do we really need them? Well, the answer is yes and below we explain why.

A sense of safety

Any pub, club or bar that installs CCTV needs to tell customers of this fact. This is usually done via wall signs. What this means is that both customers and staff will feel much safer drinking in your establishment.

Stop trouble before it escalates

CCTV allows your security staff to quickly get to a disturbance or altercation. They can either stop any trouble before it escalates or alert the police.

Provides hard evidence

CCTV recordings produce hard evidence that can be used to help convict the guilty party.

A great deterrent

When people are aware that there is CCTV on your premises, they will be less likely to commit a crime. CCTV alone can create a less antagonistic environment.

Assist management with health and safety

CCTV can help with daily health and safety checks, and procedures. Overall it will help to maintain the welfare of all staff and customers. With a remote monitoring system, a close eye can be kept on both the inside and outside of your establishment.

Why use the services of a CCTV installer?

When installing a CCTV system, it is essential that the system is installed correctly. We use the very latest recording technology and specialise in the pub and club industry. Our systems meet the needs of your busy business.

It is also very important that the system is registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office.

To learn more about our CCTV system installation for your pub, club or bar, then please contact us today!