When looking into having CCTV at your property, you will undoubtedly be struck at the number of CCTV packages that there are available. From cheap and cheerful self install systems to state of the art bespoke CCTV packages that need installing by a qualified engineer, the choice it seem is limitless and can be a little overwhelming.

However, don’t despair as with a little bit of knowledge, the whole scenario becomes a lot clearer and much easier to to decide which CCTV package is best for you. You just need to understand what CCTV packages consist of and then you can assess if they are suitable for your needs.

Wireless or Wired CCTV?

Do you want a wired CCTV system or a wireless one? Most people initially think that a wireless one must be the best choice and it can be in certain circumstances. Less wires makes installation quicker and tidier but you have to balance this against how good your WiFi is. If your WiFi goes down, so does your CCTV. Would this be a regular occurrence or do you have a good, stable WiFi connection?

Analogue, HD or IP CCTV Package?

Analogue CCTV has been about for years but it is rapidly being replaced by HD CCTV and IP CCTV systems. This is because they offer better imaging and clearer resolutions. However. The fact that analogue has been around for a long time means it is a very stable technology and it is also very cheap now too.

For not much more money though than an analogue CCTV package you can get a HD CCTV package. This offers much better images which help if you need to try and identify a subject. This high quality imaging and low price means that this will be a popular type of CCTV for many years.

Finally, there are IP CCTV packages. These offer the highest quality although you will find that you have to pay somewhat more for an IP CCTV package than a HD or analogue one. If you want the best, then you need to get one of the many IP CCTV packages out there.

CCTV Camera Packages

You’ll find that CCTV camera packages can come with a wide range of different types of camera. All have different strengths and weaknesses and you will find that some will suit your installation more than others. Examples include:

  • Bullet Cameras: The Traditional CCTV camera, they are a great allrounder and can be used inside and outside. There’s more advanced cameras on the market now but they are a great allrounder and they are very competitively priced too.
  • PTZ Cameras: These are excellent all round cameras that feature the latest technology. PTZ stands for pan, tilt and zoom which means they are perfect if you want to use the minimum amount of cameras to cover the maximum amount of area. You can also program them to turn, tilt and pan at any time you want.
  • Dome Cameras: These are commonly used in more commercial settings such as retail where they blend easily into the background to catch shoplifters at work. They’re good for more domestic circumstances too but are rather discreet so aren’t the best at deterring thieves as they are not always easily seen.

Other considerations you may want to look at include storage options which can range from self storage on a hard drive to cloud storage.

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