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CCTV Installers seeing huge rise in demand from anxious homeowners

By Jonathan Ratcliffe

Homeowners are installing security systems at a never seen before rate due to anxiety over security this winter, according got a leading CCTV installation company.

“Demand is unprecedented for this time of year, and the recurring message is of nervousness, the World is changing, and people are feeling very worried going into the winter months”, explains Business Development Manager James Ritchey from CCTV Installer

Winter is traditionally a steady time of year for installation, and as the clocks go back on the last Sunday in October there is a natural rise in enquiries with homeowners typically increase spending on security measures such as home CCTV, alarms and outdoor lighting as the nights get darker.

However, this year demand has increased by as much as 150% some weeks, the message from homeowners is clear, they are worrying about winter.

The ONS (Office for National Statistics) released some data in June 2020, stating the following worrying indicators taken from the “working population”:

  • 69% feel worried about the effect Covid-19 is having on their lives
  • 63% worry about the future
  • 56% are stressed or anxious
  • 49% are bored

“Lockdowns have a very negative effect on people’s ability to cope with day to day life, and the feeling that the home is a place of safety is key to maintaining a good mental state – it seems logical people are defending their homes by installing more security”, explains James Ritchey.

According to CCTV Installers the most popular products being ordered are:

  • Doorbell camera and lighting systems
  • 2 camera CCTV systems
  • Installation of online bought CCTV systems

“If you are isolating, or indeed we get another national lockdown – people’s mental health in terms of feeling secure at home going into overdrive – we take comfort from a well defended home”, concludes James Ritchey from

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BY Jonathan Ratcliffe

Jonathan manages Marketing at - with over 15 years experience in CCTV Installation - he writes as an Expert in CCTV Systems, News, Crime Rate Analysis and other FAQs