CCTV Installation Only

We specialise in installing branded CCTV Cameras and Systems. If you have already bought, or plan to buy an off the shelf CCTV package from a retailer, but need us to do the hard work – then please contact us for a quote – often not as much as you might think!

  • Expert installation of branded CCTV kits
  • Discreet wiring, advice on camera placement and training
  • Remote viewing setup on iPhones, iPads, PC and Macs
CCTV Installation

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Once you have bought your own CCTV system, all you have to do is simply call us on 0800 211 8310 or complete our contact form for a callback. We will then talk with you to agree a time and date for your CCTV installation as well as agreeing the price.

Our CCTV engineer will install your CCTV system and show you how to use your system effectively, efficiently and with confidence. As part of your install only package, you will receive:

  • Full site survey before installation to ensure that all of your CCTV cameras are placed in their optimal positions for the safety of your home/business.
  • The full routing of cables from cameras to their power points and then back to the DVR (if using a wired system).
  • Installation of cameras regardless of type
  • Connection of the DVR to your WiFi/internet network
  • Full installation of viewing and storage equipment
  • Full demo of how the system works and training on how to use it effectively and to its full capacity
  • Answers to any questions that you may have about your CCTV system, cameras or use.

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Act now and call 0800 211 8310 or complete our contact form to start the process of getting your CCTV system installed. Our install only services are priced very competitively and you will ensure that your CCTV system is fully working and protecting you and your family, 24 hours a day.

Install Only Pricing

We can currently install many of the leading brand CCTV Kits – for specific information please use the following links:

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HomeGuard CCTV Installation

Maplin CCTV Installation

We are the UK’s premier provider of install only CCTV services and can provide these services across the UK for all types of CCTV system. Many people like to do their own research and source their own CCTV systems, deciding to purchase their own system on the high street or more often now on the internet. This then leads to the problem of who is going to install your home CCTV system?

Why Installing Your Own CCTV System Can Be a Bad Idea

We understand that in today’s financial climate, installing your own CCTV system is very tempting as there are obvious cost benefits to this. Indeed, it is possible to install your own CCTV system but we would suggest that this is only the case if you are a CCTV engineer or a qualified and experienced electrician who is confident with such equipment. Even then however, whilst you may get a system that is technically correctly installed, you are missing out on the advice of a CCTV professional. There are other reasons not to fit your own CCTV system too:

It’s Not As Easy As It Looks

We know that CCTV systems may seem really easy to install but the fact is that they aren’t. It’s not just about putting cameras up, it’s working out a strategy to ensure there are no blind spots, ensuring that your WiFi network is compatible and hooking up the best viewing, monitoring and storage options for your system.

CCTV Training

Once your CCTV is installed and up and running, that’s not the end of the story! Now comes the next bit, learning how to use it. If you’ve installed your own CCTV system this may involve countless hours poring through the manual and trying to learn that way. Much better is to have a professional CCTV engineer run through it with you, giving you the opportunity to ask any questions.

Peace of Mind

You’ve bought CCTV to keep you family or your business safe. If you have installed it yourself, do you know that it is functioning correctly? Are you confident in your skills as a CCTV installer and can you trust your skill that they will ensure the system is working to its full capacity? Would it not be better to have your system installed by a professional CCTV engineer giving you that peace of mind?