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We specialise in installing CCTV Cameras for businesses and organisations across the UK using a network of experience installers.

In terms of camera technology, older cheaper units use analogue technology – whereas newer IP CCTV and HD CCTV cameras use digital high-definition technology to give you better images and more flexibility. This mean you need less cameras to do the same or better job as an older analogue system.

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Types of CCTV Cameras

Analytical CCTV

Analytical CCTV Cameras use brand new technology to provide highly accurate ways of detecting people, vehicles or objects.

  • People counting
  • Perimeter intrusion
  • Vehicle monitoring
  • Abandoned objects – such as bags
  • Loitering detection

Using video output and Analytical CCTV Software, the system can detect movements, loitering and a wide range of custom classification functions. The sky is the limit – this new technology is going to automate many laborious tasks currently costing you a lot of money.

Automatically measure people flow, define real-time measures and collect statistics on customer behaviour.

Use Analytics to detect when a perimeter has been breached – set specific triggers to automatically alert security staff.

Advanced monitoring based on defined criteria – measure or monitor certain areas remotely.

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ANPR Cameras

The use of ANPR is no longer restricted to the Police – in fact, many car parks and other restricted zones are now using ANPR technology to protect and monitor their property.

The ANPR camera detects movement of a vehicle and reads the number plate using ANPR technology.

  • Number plate data is received by the ANPR recognition engine which identifies the vehicle.
  • Many ANPR systems record for a set time after the vehicle is detected, recording in full colour the occupants of the vehicle.
  • ANPR is especially useful in traffic control environments, where you need to monitor and in certain cases identify a vehicle and it’s occupants – such as Scrap Yards, Car Parks and such.

Where it is necessary to record occupants – the camera needs to be positioned carefully and will need a polarising filter to combat windscreen glare. Light conditions are important – so usually a site inspection is necessary before a quotation can be given.

Ask us about how Automatic Number Plate Recognition can help you and about installation in your commercial premises.

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