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Burglaries on the rise throughout 2022

By Jonathan Ratcliffe

Recent research has revealed that burglaries in Britain are on the rise. Detailing the areas that are most likely to see a surge in break-ins during the next few years, the report conducted by insurance companies throughout the UK shows some worrying statistics.

While the pandemic saw Britons spending more time at home, many are now returning to office life and leaving their homes unattended. As a result, understanding how to prevent unwanted intrusion has become increasingly important.

The study from Compare the Market identified Hampshire as the UK’s hotspot for increased break-in activity, but for the rest of the country, it predicted a 24 per cent increase in burglaries from now until 2026.

Following an analysis of figures for home burglaries occurring in the years from 2015 to 2021, researchers at the price comparison website combined data with a forecasting model. They found that by the year 2026, a 70 per cent rise in burglaries was expected in Hampshire.

This increase is far higher than the average rise throughout England and Wales. However, a significant spike in burglaries is also anticipated in Cumbria, Kent, Cleveland, Lincolnshire, Dyfed Powys, Sussex and Cheshire.

While the statistics suggest that most UK locations are likely to experience a steady increase in home break-ins, there are other areas where crimes are showing a decline. Figures from the Compare the Market report show that burglaries in Cornwall and Devon will likely decrease by 30 per cent over the next five years. Other parts of the county expected to see a drop-off in break-ins include Leicestershire, Bedfordshire and Essex.

To counter the increase in burglaries in Britain in most parts of the country, experts advise taking measures to provide protection against intrusions and putting contents insurance policies in place in case the worst should come to pass.

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BY Jonathan Ratcliffe

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