There is no doubt that CCTV security cameras are the best way to protect a building site which is always a target for thieves.

It is difficult for security guards to patrol such a site, especially if it is a particularly big one, but with cleverly and strategically placed CCTV cameras you can keep an eye on everything. They will, in effect, make it possible for you to be in more than one place at a time.


As well as acting as a deterrent, in the unlikely event of a crime being committed and items stolen, the cameras will provide you with such detailed footage that you have every chance of tracking down the perpetrators of the crime and recovering what has been taken away.

Just think, as your personnel leave the site, the CCTV camera system immediately  takes over, monitoring every inch of the site, while even if you are away from the site you will be able to view live footage which provides you with the means to notify any on-site security – or the police – if you spot anything suspicious.

A CCTV monitoring system on your building site will:

  • deter theft or vandalism;
  • reduce the need for on-site guards;
  • reduce your insurance premiums;
  • provide you with peace of mind.

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Construction Site CCTV

When it comes to overseeing a building site and all of the plant machinery contained within it, you are responsible for a lot of very valuable equipment. Keeping a secure eye on all of that equipment and making sure nothing goes missing can be expensive, time-consuming and worrying. But hopefully, with CCTV, you should be able to overcome many of those worries. So here are three key benefits of using CCTV for your building site and plant machinery.

1. Save money

Instead of having digital security systems in place, you will need to employ a number of different guards to monitor all aspects of your site at all hours of the day. Depending on the size of your site, the cost of this manual safeguarding can quickly become very expensive and amount to much more than the costs of installing CCTV equipment that is in place for the whole time the construction site is in operation.

2. Greater peace of mind

Effective and advanced CCTV systems allow you to remotely access cameras and footage at any hour of the day from any location. This means that when you’re not around, you can easily check in and make sure everything is safe on site. This means no unexpected worries turning up one morning to find some equipment has gone missing.

3. Monitor employees

Of course, no site manager would like to find that their employees have been stealing from them, but in the real world, these things happen. This could especially be the case if you are hiring in short term, unknown labour to fulfil demand. CCTV systems can help track and make sure that no one is taking supplies home which are bought for building use.

With ongoing yearly advances in state of the art CCTV security systems, it is cheaper than ever to monitor your building site and plant machinery. It is also quick to install and has surprising lifetime usage. If you think that some CCTV equipment is right for you and would like to find out more about the tailor-made solutions we have on offer, get in contact today and we will be happy to help.