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Bristol Crime: Violent and sexual crimes consistent since April 2019

By Jonathan Ratcliffe

Violent and sexual crimes in the Stoke's Croft and St. Michael's area of Bristol have remained consistent since last April, as the area has an average of over one of such incidents occurring per day. Although some months, such as last August, saw falls, these were the exception rather than a trend.

Just as worryingly, a total of 69% of all crimes in the area are still under investigation. As this includes incidents that occurred at the very start of 2019, this means that a significant proportion of these cases include victims that have waited months, and potentially up to a year, for any kind of resolution to their case. In extremely sensitive scenarios such as a violent or sexual crime, this could seriously harm the welfare of the victims.

Furthermore, just over 10% of cases see an active resolution, in which either the police or the courts are involved. Since violent and sexual crimes make up 22% of all offences, this means over half of such incidents lack a decisive verdict. Although no months have quite reached the heights of February 2019, in which an average of 2 of these incidents happened per day, the statistics paint a worrying picture of violent and sexual crimes in Bristol and how they are being handled.

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BY Jonathan Ratcliffe

Jonathan manages Marketing at CCTV.co.uk - with over 15 years experience in CCTV Installation - he writes as an Expert in CCTV Systems, News, Crime Rate Analysis and other FAQs