Range Rover Insurance and Your Home Security

If you own a Range Rover, and recently renewed your car insurance you’ll have first-hand experience of the rising insurance premiums. You could even have stumbled on the fact some insurance companies outright refuse to cover them. But why is this? Why Is Range Rover Insurance So Expensive? There are a few notable reasons why ...

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Home Security this Christmas

As the festivities roll around, it’s common for more home invasions to take place. After all, with Christmas for many, being the season of giving, there’s likely to be more valuables on your property. This makes many households the ideal target for theft and break-ins. With that being said, it’s important to take the necessary ...

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Woman choosing sunflower oil

Cooking Oil Theft on the Rise

It's been noted that the war in Ukraine, amongst other things, has triggered a sequence of thefts involving cooking oil. Supermarkets are now setting boundaries for customers because of the rise of sunflower, rapeseed and olive oils being stolen by thieves. It has been reported that crooks are robbing cooking oils to trade on the black market or to produce unregulated biodiesel.

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Young woman receiving delivery boxes

Door-step deliveries are being targeted by criminals

During the pandemic when many stores were closed and people were advised to only shop for essential items, online shopping experienced a considerable boost. After enjoying the convenience of home delivery, this shopping trend has largely continued for many, who use services to receive everything from home groceries and electronic goods to clothing and gardening supplies.

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Petrol pump in Glasgow, Scotland

Forecourt theft increases as pump prices rise

New statistics show that because of rising prices, UK motorists who fill up their tanks without paying for fuel or claiming that they cannot afford the fuel they have pumped already, are set to cost the industry millions.

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CCTV view of burglar breaking in to home through window with crowbar

Burglaries on the rise throughout 2022

Recent research has revealed that burglaries in Britain are on the rise. Detailing the areas that are most likely to see a surge in break-ins during the next few years, the report conducted by insurance companies throughout the UK shows some worrying statistics.

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500 burglaries a DAY – UNSOLVED

The UK Government was recently accused by the Liberal Democrat party of allowing criminals to act unchecked after figures were uncovered showing that around 500 break-ins remain unsolved each day across Britain.

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Are Doorbell Cameras Legal? Legal Issues UK

A landmark ruling has brought into question whether smart doorbells should be subject to tighter restrictions, after a woman successfully prosecuted a neighbour for his ‘excessive’ use of the devices.

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CCTV Camera in London

Number of CCTV Cameras in the UK reaches 5.2 million

The number of CCTV Cameras in the UK may be as many as 5.2 million, with 1 camera for every 13 people as the popularity of public surveillance, home CCTV and doorbell camera use increases. 96% of the total number of cameras in the UK are now operated by private businesses and homeowners.

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Risk of burglary highest in Northern towns

Manchester, Doncaster, and Hull are ranked the top 3 worst places for burglaries in the UK according to new research, adding to anxiety for Northerners heading into dark winter months.

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How much does it cost to install CCTV?

Installing a CCTV system outside your home or business is a fantastic way of making sure that you can keep track of everyone entering and leaving your premises while acting as a deterrent for criminals and an additional layer of security. Installing CCTV is a worthy investment to protect your personal assets and prices can vary widely between providers.

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