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Anti-social behaviour reaches 13% of all crimes in Coventry

By Jonathan Ratcliffe

In January 2020, anti-social behaviour crimes accounted for around 13% of all crimes that took place that month in Coventry. These crimes include personal, environmental, and nuisance type of anti-social behaviour crimes. 75 anti-social behaviour crimes took place in Coventry in January 2020, down from 78 the previous month.

Anti-social behaviour is a crime often recorded in city centres due to the high usage of alcohol in bars and clubs around these areas; while many anti-social behaviour crimes did take place in Coventry’s city centre this past January – 27 recorded crimes – many also took place in surrounding areas, including 16 in the Hillfields area. Hillfields is a suburb to the north of Coventry’s city centre which sees high crime rates year round.

Year on year, Coventry’s anti-social behaviour crime rates look positive; in January 2018, 123 anti-social behaviour crimes took place in Coventry, down to 73 a year later in January 2019 and 75 in January 2020. 2018 may have been an outlier, or perhaps police efforts to crack down on problem areas including the city centre and Hillfields have made a significant impact, almost halving the number of anti-social behaviour crimes recorded in the city.

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BY Jonathan Ratcliffe

Jonathan manages Marketing at CCTV.co.uk - with over 15 years experience in CCTV Installation - he writes as an Expert in CCTV Systems, News, Crime Rate Analysis and other FAQs