The High Street, Cheltenham.

1/3rd of all crime in Cheltenham is anti-social behaviour

By Jonathan Ratcliffe

Anti-social behaviour in Cheltenham in January 2020 was at a significantly higher rate than the month prior. Up more than a quarter to 92 incidents in the town, the improvements made in December (which saw the lowest rate of anti-social behaviour throughout the entirety of 2019) have been eliminated with a return to the annual average.

The vast majority of all police cases in Cheltenham over the past year have resulted in no further action being taken, with almost half of these being due to the police’s inability to identify exactly who the perpetrator was. With anti-social behaviour by far the most common criminal offence to take place in the town at 31.5% of all crime, many of these individuals are getting off without any consequences, and their behaviour will likely continue for the foreseeable future.

There is some room for hope, however. Half of the months in 2019 saw more than 100 anti-social behaviour incidents in Cheltenham, but neither December nor January have reached these heights, with December actually demonstrating the lowest levels of the year. Reductions like this could be indicative of a wider trend, so keeping an eye on whether anti-social behaviour continues to remain at these low levels could turn into an interesting development.

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BY Jonathan Ratcliffe

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